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Are you happy to be involved in a creative process, experiment with photography and have fun outside on a weekday?

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If that is you, I think we are going to be a great fit!

I'm looking for newly engaged North Jersey couples who want some unique engagement photos and are happy to spend some time outside and be a little adventurous for some cool photos.

This offer is good for only 5 couples who have or are willing to take a couple of hours off for some cool shots. This engagement session is totally free! Yeup, seriously ... free. I'll even throw in a print from the shoot. You will have the opportunity to purchase more photos if you like but there is no obligation.

Why? I want to try a few new locations, experiment with some photography techniques and styles and not have to worry about shooting what's "expected" at a normal engagement session.

If this sounds like you and your fiancé  and you're keen to get amongst it - fill out the contact info below, give me some details and we'll speak soon.

Can't wait to hear from you!

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I'm Marcin, I'm a New Jersey Wedding Photographer and I love to shoot weddings. You can email me below at info@charmingimages.com or you can call me at 347-564-1503 and we can talk about your wedding and what flavor wedding cake you two are going to have. There are many New Jersey wedding photographers, Thank you for taking the time to look at what i could deliver for your wedding! I'm available to shoot weddings all over the Tri State area and all other destinations! Just Ask!